WeDo - making volunteering easy An initiative of Volunteering SA-NT

How to volunteer...the easy way.

Search hundreds of different roles in South Australia with a large number of organisations to find your perfect match.

Express your interest, connect with organisations directly, and a match made by the app based on your profile means you'll also be notified of opportunities that are an ideal fit.

An initiative of Volunteering SA&NT, WeDo can help you find short, long-term - or even just a one-off opportunity - that takes your interest.

By volunteering your time and skills, you make a very real difference to the community and you could just find a role that gives you that extra bit of experience to get you over the line for your dream job.

This app can only be downloaded onto a mobile device by using the links below. If you are using a PC please go to Volunteering SA&NT website.

It's that easy to get involved and you'll be surprised at the roles you can find.